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Turn Key

With a multitude of professional services on offer from Meridian Energy, we are well poised to assist our clients in conceptualising a project and assist them all the way to commissioning. 

Meridian Energy is truly a one stop shop with tried and tested professional services standards implemented all the time, taking the hassle out of projects! 

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Meridian Energy follows a structured approach to Engineering whereby we aim to understand clearly what our clients needs are from where we seek innovation and fit-for-purpose designs to accomplish the required output.

We offer services in the field of Design Engineering (inclusive of Architectural Design work), Electrical, Structural and Civil Engineering among other specialised fields.

Meridian Energy provides Procurement Services to our clients by procuring the correct technologies for a said project.


We further support with the full import and export of goods from the manufacturer's door to the project site taking the hassle of procurement out of the project for our clients. 

Delivering projects on time and within budget greatly relies on effective Project and Construction Management.


To assure we do deliver our projects to the highest expectations, we have prioritised the effective use of well versed project managers with vast experience in the Construction and Energy fields.

How well one's project performs purely comes down to how well you maintain the implemented project.

At Meridian Energy we aim to deliver a long lasting benefit to our clients by offering Operation and Maintenance services to allow the optimal Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients.

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